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    I Found a Colorado Elk hunt that is a steal for a DIY hunt with a cabin and property.
    The Ultimate DIY Hunt!
    Hunt the Harrison Creek Lodge; this is a DIY hunt for elk, deer, and turkey. You will be staying in your furnished 3 bedroom cabin with 1 bathroom but a total of 3 sinks, with 85 private acres with 5 tree stands and a ground blind. Plus a pond surround by thousands of acres of the Grand Masa National Forest, located by Colburn, Colorado. Cabin has bunk beds and will sleep six to seven.

    It is located at 8000 feet which is ideal for elk and large bucks in GMU421. Easy gravel road access behind 2 locked gates. Owner will meet you and get you through the locked gates. Then show how to use all of the facilities. There is a $100 refundable damage deposit for each group. Your group and another group may be there at the same time unless your group is 6 people. The cabin has Solar DC 12 volt power, running water and indoor toilet plus a Propane refrigerator and stove. When you arrive you will meet the owner in Colbran Colorado. He will get you through 2 locked gates into the cabin. Then he will instruct you on how to use the facility.

    One mule is available for packing your game out when needed. It is available for all four hunting seasons in 2014. This is non guided hunting and you fix all you own meals and bring your food. $ 1200 per person per season reduced down to only $795 per season if 4 or more hunters.
    It is the same price for hunting deer, elk and turkey all at the same time or just staying at the cabin as a non-hunter. Groups can be combined to end up with 6-7 hunters if you don’t have 6 in your group. Non-Hunting Guests price is the same as a hunter since it takes the same amount of space for a non-hunting guest as a hunter.

    Archery 1st week
    Archery 2st week
    Muzzleloader week BOOKED
    Archery 4st week
    Rifle 1st
    Rifle 2st BOOKED
    Rifle 3st
    Rifle 4st
    Rifle Late Cow

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    Deer and Elk are located, we know because we take many each year. Please send help with rifles, muzzleloaders or bows!

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    We accept
    Or ask us about our “Hunt Now Pay Later Program” valid for all hunters booking our hunts you just need credit approval. We realize the hunt of your dreams will not be a reality because you will never be in better physical condition than you are today. Instead of planning the hunt when you can afford it when you are 80 years old we want you to be in the condition required to make the hunt successful when you are 60 years old. This program is a must for a hunter filling his bucket list! Ask Greg or Sharon about the details for this great program.
    Strapped for cash? Our hunt now pay later allows you to get a loan for $ 3000 for a hunt and to pay it off in $16 months. $ 1500 would only be about $100 per month for example.

    HUNT NOW PAY LATER” program
    We are the only one that provides this service to our hunters. We want you to be able to fill your bucket list before you kick that bucket. We all have times when the money flow income and the money flow outgoing is disrupted by larger than normal bills that temporarily make it difficult to have the funds available for you required financial deposit. Hunts are time critical of you miss a date you miss the hunt for at least a year and possibly ever depending on the hunt. At times it may be forever depending on your health and age. Because of this we offer a bridge to span that gap. It is our, “HUNT NOW PAY LATER” program that provides you with a small deposit loan so you don’t miss the deadline dates. Use the link below to access the program and get you deposit in to make your deadline.