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    Here is one guided on Private land for only $1795 and they help you get this huge anumal out of the woods!
    Hunt ID: CO-ElkMdeerAntelope-All-RAIGC- OT-ACKJ

    Welcome to the center of the world as far as elk are concerned. Craig, Colorado is known as the Elk Capitol of the world. It earned that name because in a 200 Mile Radius there are more elk on any given day than anywhere else in the world. Winter migration into the Crag Valley provides views of elk herds in the hundreds flowing into the low ground and eventually down to the river bottoms to spend the winter. Life is so good for elk in the valley that approximately 30,000 have decided to stay in the valley year round waving goodbye to their comrades in arms in the spring as the others move back up hill to begin their spring of eating and calving.
    The herds are so large their movement is easily detected on the ground they cove similar to a herd of domestic cattle moving through except these “cow trails” don’t stop at the fence, they continue on as the whole herd bunches at the fence line, then one jumps and the balance soon follow suit and a brown Carmel flows over the fence and onward to their destination.
    Even though this area has an extremely high elk density it also is known for its B&C Class Mule Deer usually taken during the later seasons when the deer hut is on in November. Every year the area find at least 1 or 2 Mule deer that break the 200 inch barrier as they look for does during the 4th season and become accessible to hunters for that short time span every year.
    While we are adding to Craig’s reputation it is best to bring in the record class Pronghorn antelope.
    The area consistently give us P&Y along with even B&C record class Bucks to the diligent hunter that will not give up on all the opportunity to take a bock but keep his bullet in his pockets or his arrow in his scabbard until the right buck is in the right place for a 1 shot clean kill with a flat shooting rifle or bow.
    The record books don’t lie. The genes are here and when the age is provided these bucks have what they need to make a great wall mount with record book level scores.
    Your Outfitter is a trophy also. With 30 years of guiding under his belt he has seen many record book animals go home with his clients. Outfitter skills are never spoken about but in my business it is my life blood. The outfitter must oversee the operation and handle income and outgoing hunter while the guides take the time in-between. The number 1 skill of a good outfitter is to secure high quality property and do it in a way to keep his overhead low enough he can sell his hunts at a fair or lower than fair market price.
    This outfitter does it with ease and his 30 years in the business shows in his skill and knowledge in the business. He has thousands of acres in the Prime GMU301, GMU003 and GMMU013. These units are well known for their quality animals and their high animal density. His guides are local, have hunted the area all of their life, and know what they are doing in finding game and field judging trophy animals for size and quality.
    If I had to say something bad about him is that he is so well known for what he does that he fills up to soon with clients, but of course his high return rate take a large percentage of his seats every year.
    The Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s hunting statistics reveal the benefits of deer hunting around Craig. Last year 7,000 area deer hunters harvested 3,814 deer on the Craig area GMUs. Collectively, hunter success on the seven GMUs is about 54 percent, almost 11 percent higher than the statewide hunter-success average.
    Those harvest numbers include all manners of legal deer hunting, but the majority of deer harvested were taken during the rifle season. The total deer kill among the GMUs is strong, but the number is fairly low when considering the harvest numbers compiled over the past 10 years or so. Warm and mild winters always result in lower numbers of deer down, and the Craig area has seen unusually mild winters the last several years.
    The CPW estimated the post-hunting populations of deer to be very high in the Craig area. While the Craig-area GMUs are not found in any one particular Data Analysis Unit (DUA), the DUAs that contain the areas in question both hold tens of thousands of deer. The statistics provided tell a very simple tale: If you hunt around Craig, you are likely to fill your freezer!
    Determining that any hunting area features good land access and holds good numbers of deer is one thing. Making sure you can draw a deer tag for that area can be an entirely different story. Thee 100% draw days are past as the CPW tries to build the deer herd up.

    Timing counts a lot with hunting, of course, and even more for hunting the Craig-area GMUs. Almost all the land across these hunting units is affected by deer migration during the late fall and early winter months. Whitetail hunters may find this a foreign subject, but this is mule deer country and mule deer move.
    Good numbers of mulies remain in and around Craig during the entire year. Some hide along river vegetation, in farm fields and close to natural springs. But the vast majority of the mule deer present during the hunting seasons arrive as part of their annual migration from high elevations to the more temperate desert, sage and rolling hill country. A barren and dry hillside will show little signs of life in early August but will be covered with deer sign in November.
    This is where timing (and weather) plays a critical role. Mild winters can mean lower harvest numbers for deer, as Craig-area deer hunters of recent seasons will attest. In most cases, the only thing that pushes deer and elk out of their summer range is the difficulty in getting to either summer range or food. High alpine fields get covered with snow and ice, and the effort required to maintain those vital calories increases. Consequently, animals move lower where less severe weather has left more accessible food. However, when winter is mild and food is available, there is little reason for the deer to move to lower ground.
    This outfitter has high ground and low ground, some adjacent to preserve areas that always have high deer concentrations.
    Your hunting area is pre-scouted so your guide knows right where to begin opening morning. After that it is like a cue ball hitting the other billiard balls deer go everywhere looking for hidden pockets where they hide until dark.
    Deer migration paths and daily travel routes are fairly well established and very easy to identify in the field. Position yourself at an elevated vantage point — say, on a bluff or at the top of a rolling hill — and glass the several hundred yards below you. You’ll easily see a lot more deer in this way than if you were to simply just hike through the country.
    All the deer I have killed in the Craig area over the past five years were taken only after I decided to just simply sit and wait for the deer to come to me. I have had friends shoot deer after waking from a nap. Many times, deer have walked within 50 yards of me while I’m field dressing a deer shot just moments earlier.
    Believe me, if you can hoof-it into the field early and park yourself, you will see deer. Don’t forget the binoculars for glassing and the shooting sticks for support on long shots.
    The elk on the other hand had grown so far out of the CPW Model and game damage resources that every year left over cow licenses were available. As that has come into check the numbers of leftover license has dropped greatly requiring some to put in for a cow license and buy a bull license over the counter. There is a reason that Craig is the elk capitol of the world. Not only do deer and even antelope winter there but the elk come in droves.
    Your outfitter with 30 years of outfitting and pursuing like deer and antelope know where to find them any time of the year. His statement sums it all up. Every Deer, Elk and Antelope must be somewhere 365 days a year 24 hours a day. If you know where that is you will have a very
    Successful hunt because the largest time consumer in hunting, is looking, the rest take less than 5% of the time.”

    Pricing information
    All of his hunts have a cut down price to make them affordable to the working man. He does what he does beast and leave the motel and lodging to the hunter to work through. He will provide you with a list of motels in town closest to where you are going to hunt. His statement is, “I have guided and outfitter for 30 years, I have the private land and knowledge to get you on good and big animals and will do that. But as an inn keeper, motel manager or a restraint cook I haven’t had 30 year of experience so I classify myself as undertrained with little knowledge, go to someone that can handle meals and lodging and I will make you hunt a memorable one.”
    All hunts are priced as 2 on 1 hunt unless noted otherwise. The bulk of the hunt(s) will be on purchased or leased property. This outfitter is licensed to guide on the BLM public land also. This allows him to be able to continue a pursuit over the fence and onto public ground if needed. In addition if game is spotter on or moving across public land he can pursue and guide during that time also.
    For any of the hunts below if you do want a 1 on 1 hunt add an extra $ 500 for the hunt and advise at reservation time.
    Anticipated Left overs License for 2014 for GMU003, GMU301 and GMU013 will most likely be:
    Antelope Elk NO Deer
    A-M-013-1A A-F-013-1A Buck E-F-003-02R E-F-003-03R E-M-003-04R BULL
    E-F-013-02R E-F-013-03R E-F-013-04R COW

    5 day Rifle Elk Hunt guided to the desire you request $ 2800
    reduced down to only ……………………………………………………………………………………………..………. $ 1795
    5 day Rifle Deer Hunt guided to the desire you request $ 2800
    reduced down to only ……………………………………………………………………………………..………………. $ 1795
    5 day Rifle Elk/Deer Combo Hunt guided to the desire you request $ 3500
    reduced down to only…………………………………………………………………………………………………………. $ 2495

    Late Cow Season
    3 day Rifle Cow Elk Hunt guided booked as 1 Hunter you request reduced down to only……. $ 1595
    reduced down to only the number below

    3 day Rifle Cow Elk Hunt guided booked as 1 Hunter you request reduced down to only……. $ 1395
    3 day Rifle Cow Elk Hunt guided booked as 2 Hunter you request reduced down to only……. $ 1295
    3 day Rifle Cow Elk Hunt guided booked as 3 Hunter you request reduced down to only……. $ 1195
    3 day Rifle Cow Elk Hunt guided booked as 4 Hunter you request reduced down to only……. $ 1095
    3 day Rifle Cow Elk Hunt guided booked as 5 Hunter you request reduced down to only……. $ 995

    3 day Rifle Antelope Hunt guided booked as 5 Hunter you request reduced down to only….. $ 2495
    Lease contract and liability insurance requires a guide be will all groups of hunters.
    Hunts are priced by animal any weapon, Archery is semi-guided to reduce the human scent in the area.
    We only hunt our land lightly to not bump the game of it and leave some for all season. We apologize for requiring a minimal amount of hunters to hunt with us on the land every year. If we are booked when you book your hunt we will put you on the top of the list for the following year.


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